Oceantowel Extra Large Microfiber Towel – Lagoon Green

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Oceantowels – Oversized microfiber towels for travel, beach, sports, bath, gym, fitness, yoga, camping and backpacking

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Super soft, ultra absorbent, quick dry, lightweight, compact, sand free, with a snap stud hanging loop and free travel bag

  • Ultra lightweight and compact, yet oversized – 4 times lighter in weight, folds to a space saving 4 times smaller than a normal cotton towel but will fill your sunbed.
  • Ultra absorbent and quick drying – it will dry you and itself 3 times faster than a normal cotton towel.
  • Easy to wash microfiber towel with no need to iron – Wash at a low temperature and simply hang up to dry by itself – there’s no need to iron, simply fold or roll when dry.
  • Comes with a versatile snap stud hanging loop and free travel bag that’s really handy for all your accessories.
  • Made from a premium quality hi tech polyester blend of microfiber materials making it incredibly soft and smooth and meaning sand won’t stick to it like a normal cotton towel.
  • Part of a growing range of OceanOnlineStore premium products all with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturers defects.


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